Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing of Home and Land

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Purchasing of Home and Land


According to the decision published in the official gazette, Turkish citizenship will be increased from $ 250,000 to $ 400,000 with real estate investment. As of 13.06.2022, you will need to own at least $ 400,000 worth of real estate to become a Turkish Citizen with real estate investment.

Turkish citizenship by buying property

In 2012, under the land registry law, Turkey recognized reciprocity for 52 countries in terms of the status of ownership for immovable property. Later on, Turkey amended to increase the number of countries, from 53 to 183 that can benefit from the immovable property investment. There are a handful of reasons to invest in immovable property in Turkey. One of the most valuable purposes is to acquire citizenship in Turkey, since gaining Turkish citizenship is not something you can directly ‘’buy’’. So, there is not any official department to get direct citizenship right away. This article will pave the way for you to make it happen.

Turkish citizenship by investment program

Acquiring new citizenship is an enthusiastic journey. Thus, many people are curious and would like to know what they need to know about the process.
• For starters, you must get a tax registration number, and luckily the state has a countless number of tax offices in every city where you can get the number.
• The reason why you need to obtain a tax registration number is to open a bank account based in Turkey.
• Search for the property market. A piece of friendly advice, real estate investments are the most profitable investments in the long term. Do not see your investment only for a key to citizenship but also a smart profit in the long-term. Find a property worth of $250,000 for a minimum. And do not hesitate to invest in more than one property if you cannot find a single immovable or real property. Also, if your protentional property is still in progress of the building, make sure that the construction will soon end before you apply for citizenship.
• Purchase via transferring your money with a bank. Documenting your process has crucial importance. Your purchase also is required to be notarized with an annotation. The annotation grantees that the property will be yours for the next three years.
• Your bank receipt is in need of confirmation by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
• After you finalize your investment, you can apply for a residency at the Directorate General of Migration Management.
• Last but least, apply for your citizenship: at this stage, you’ll be required to have an attorney. Choose your attorney wisely because they represent your will and power.

turkish citizenship
turkish citizenship

Frequently Asked Question About The Process

Minimum how long should I have my property?
You have to keep your property for at least three years. In fact, one of the purposes of notarizing investment to promise not to sell your property. However, this does not mean that you must dwell on your property. You are more than welcome to rent it.

Would I lose my citizenship after selling my property?
If you keep your property for three years, you can sell it without losing your citizenship.

Do my family members acquire citizenship with my investment?
One of the great things about Turkey, we value family so much and would keep you away from your loved ones. Thus, your married spouse and your kids can obtain citizenship with your investment.

For the Exceptional Acquiring Turkish Citizenship, those below should be done:
1- Purchasing real estate or real estates in the amount of 250.000,00 USD proved by an appraiser(expert) accepted by Stock Exchange Commission and has valid license.
2- The annotation stating that it is not be sold for three (3) years at Directorate of Land Registry while purchasing a real estate. (Confiscation is excluded.)

After that: (Our service fee for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship depends on the complexity of the process according to the status of the clients.)
3- Getting an appointment from Immigration Authority of Governorship of Istanbul by filling in an application form. Appointments are usually a month later the application. Most of the required documents shall be prepared by our firm with the special power of attorney. Costs for residence permit are around: 295 TL per year for most of the countries + 72 TL residence card fee + 1 year health insurance depending on the age is between 310 TL – 740 TL. For some countries 400 TL is also charged as entrance fee. For the power of attorney concluded in Turkish Notary it shall cost around 1250 TL including costs of translation of the passport, oral interpreting by sworn translator in case buyer doesn’t know Turkish. If the buyer know Turkish it shall cost around 300 TL. This cost varies little on notaries, translators and how many people are included in the power of attorney.
4- Making application to İstanbul Directorate of Civil Registration for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship with the residence permit. This application can be done with the power of attorney in the name of the buyer and his/her family, but sometimes İstanbul Directorate of Civil Registration demands to see the applicants personally. 100 TL service fee shall be paid to İstanbul Directorate of Civil Registration.
5- All of this information mentioned above takes around 3 to 6 weeks. After this time period and all the files completed, İstanbul Directorate of Civil Registration sends the citizenship application file to the General Directorate in Ankara and it might take around 1-3 months or more for Acquiring Turkish Citizenship.
6- Lastly, it is probable to directly apply to the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality in Ankara with the required documents to make the processes faster. But it shall be charged $500 extra.

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