Drug Importation and Trafficking Crime

Drug Importation and Trafficking Crime

Drug importation and trafficking crime are regulated by the Turkish Penal Code. Those who manufacture, import, or export drugs or stimulants are liable for twenty to thirty years of imprisonment, in addition to a judicial fine. For drug importation and trafficking to be counted as a crime, it is enough for one of the exportation, importation, or manufacturing occurrences to occur. Additionally, the logistics of drug importation and trafficking do not influence the sentence.

If the drug mentioned in drug importation and trafficking is heroin, cocaine, morphine, base morphine, or bonsai, then the crime would become more qualified, and heavier liabilities occur.

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Drug Importation and Trafficking Crime
Drug Importation and Trafficking Crime

Drug Trafficking Crimes

There are several different crimes under the category of drug trafficking crimes. The following are drug trafficking crimes and their description.

  • Drug manufacturing: Drug manufacturing refers to the process of processing a substance or drug to another drug. It is necessary to have the “processing” part in drug manufacturing. If there is no processing process involved, it is impossible to be accused of drug manufacturing.
  • Drug importation: Importing drugs inside to the country unlicensed or illegally. Everyone involved in the drug importation process (those who indirectly became a part of it as well) can be liable for drug trafficking crime.
  • Drug exportation: Exporting the existing drug from the country to another country. If the drug substance is caught in the customs control, then the accusation would be to “attempting drug exportation.”
  • Drug dispatch or transfer: Transferring drugs from one place to another for the sake of giving them to someone.
  • Accepting or possessing drugs:
  • Purchasing, offering, or buying drugs
  • Supplying drugs to others