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اخذ تابعیت توسط وکیل سرمایه گذاری

turkish citizenship investment lawyer

تابعیت ترکیه توسط وکیل سرمایه گذاری

It is important to answer to the question why citizens should work with  an expert lawyer before thinking about who a lawyer is. People consult legal knowledge of a lawyer to settle their disputes and problems arising in their relations with each other or with the state before the court. The lawyer represents people in the relevant authorities and defends their rights. When a citizen encounters any kind of problem, he/she will want to solve it through court and judicial process.

Legal issues can be thought as complicated for individuals who doesn’t have knowledge about legal issues. Consulting and working with a lawyer ensure that your case is concluded as it should be. It allows you to consult your lawyer about anything that is complicated or comes to your mind. Because of all this, you will understand the process better, you will have worked with a professional and you will have taken an important step to get the desired result from your case.

If you wonder about the reason why a person should work with a lawyer, an expert lawyer will guide you with information about the law and the law in the process of the case and until the case is concluded. When you work with an expert lawyer, your rights are defended professionally and you can achieve the best result from your case. For this reason, it is important to work with a professional lawyer. It is of great importance that you work with a lawyer, especially in the fields of Turkish citizenship and investment lawyer.

This means Turkish citizenship with the Investment lawyer shall work best for the Turkish citizenship with the best knowledge of investment law. Working with an expert lawyer in such kind of fields is of great importance for you to get Turkish citizenship.

Why Serka Law Firm?

Serka Law Firm serves its consultants in many languages. These languages are the most commonly used languages such as Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Chinese and German. The use of these languages allows Turkish and foreign customers to receive legal services easily and quickly. As Serka Law Firm, Our lawyers deal with the cases of foreign clients in the most professional and competent way. Serka Law Firm provides the fastest consultancy to foreign citizens who have been wrongfully arrested and want to be deported. Cases and objections to cases are filed for foreign citizens who have problems in this regard.

Providing services in many universal languages makes the communication with foreign citizens strong and comprehensible. As a prominent law office, our lawyers carry through the applications of foreign citizens who live in Turkey and want to have a residence and work permit in Turkey. Serka Law Firm has conducted successful cases in the fields of Turkish Citizenship by investment lawyer . Our company Serka Law Firm has ensured the satisfaction of many consultants by providing customer-oriented and successful services in all these areas.

turkish citizenship and investment lawyer
turkish citizenship and investment lawyer

The services provided by Serka Law Firm support its consultants in the issues such as Turkish citizenship by investment law, company affairs and transactions through commercial case, residence permit, work permit and investment. Serka Law Firm is a very prominent law firm in getting Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkish citizenship. Our company is a law office with experience in all its services. It serves in all areas of law and works with the best lawyers.

Companies that do not have a law office and a law firm can extend jobs for months and often their applications gets rejected due to misknowledge. However, Serka Law Firm and its lawyers are experts in these fields and ensure that your issue is resolved properly as soon as possible.

Why Should I Work with a Law Firm?

Law offices are the the offices where there are lawyers and where they serve, which work to ensure and protect the rights of real person and legal entities before law, provide consultancy to individuals . Law firms defend the rights of their consultants before the law and defend their clients in different cases. Law firms serve their consultant with many experienced lawyers. Turkish citizenship by investment lawyer provided that they do not withdraw these investments for three years.

This is a practical situation in terms of finding a lawyer who can defend you in all your cases and who has expert lawyers in his/her field. Serka Law Firm provides quality services to its consultants with its experienced and professional lawyers. Serka Law Firm, which provides consultancy services, consultants’ advocacy in cases and services in all areas of law, is a successful office and consultant satisfaction is the highest.

Working with a law firm allows an individual to have the best knowledge of the case processes, to get the best and successful result in a case, to answer all potential questions have with successful lawyers and to be personally satisfied to a great extent. The most important feature of law firms for their success is that lawyers defend the rights of their consultants in the best way possible. Serka Law Firm and its lawyers defend and provide the most professional defense of their consultants before the judiciary and Turkish citizenship by investment law.

The most important reason for working with a law firm is to ensure that your case is resolved quickly and positively. Some organizations that do not have law offices and law firms may not solve your case for months and there is a high possibility of negative consequences such as rejection. Serka Law Firm has a quite professional and experienced team in this regard. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced law firm. Serka Law Firm is an expert firm that has achieved success in the fields of Turkish Citizenship by investment lawyer.

Citizenship of Turkey through Investment

Important Announcement: “According the decision published in the Official Gazette on 13.06.2022, the minimum limit for getting Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment has been increased from 250.000 USD to 400.000 USD. Therefore, in order to become a Turkish Citizen by real estate investment, you need to buy real estate worth at least 400.000 USD.” Our professional team shall help and guide you to buy the best property.

One of the expert subjects of Serka Law Firm is the legal process of Turkish Citizenship by investment. Serka Law Firm, which provides services to foreign citizens in many languages, supports its consultants with highly experienced lawyers in case processes. In recent years, Turkey has become an attractive country to invest for foreign citizens.

The Republic of Turkey, on the other hand, offered the opportunity of Turkish citizenship to foreign citizens who wanted to make this investment to this attractive country. This opportunity has been one of the best advantages for individuals who want to become Turkish citizens and want to live by investing in Turkey. Foreign citizens who make $400.000 dollars of real estate investment in Turkey, establish a company or invest $500,000 in a company can get ’citizenship through an investment lawyer provided that they do not withdraw these investments for three years.

This situation will not be a problem for people to sell these investments after they have acquired Turkish citizenship. In such kind of situations, it would be beneficial to work with an experienced law firm and lawyers who have great knowledge about law and regulations because Turkish citizenship through investment is also a legal process and necessarily requires working with an experienced lawyer. Serka Law Firm, which is expert and experienced in this regard, will be with you with its highest quality services.

Investor Residence Permit 

Before applying to citizenship after confirmity paper, investor must apply to investor residence permit. Then the investor may apply to Turkish citizenship to acquire Turkish passport and whole citizenship rights. Serka Law Firm serves foreign citizens in many languages, will contribute to the most accurate progresses on all these steps and make it too easy for all investor as we only get Power of Attorney to do all the process in your name. You just have to lean back and see the Serka Law’s professional lawyers finish the whole processes in your name at the fastest time without any problems or stress.

turkish citizenship deals
turkish citizenship deals
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