Land Transport Law Turkey

Land Transport Law

Land transport law is a branch of law concerned with how to carry belongings and personnel on land. All of the implements under land transport law are regulated according to road regulations in Turkey. Land transport law seeks the rights of both carried and carrying parties, and both parties need to know the details of land transport law.

Because it might not always be possible for non-professionals to know how the process works, it is essential to consult a professional if you have any problems regarding land transport law. You can contact us to communicate with professionals regarding land transport law.

Land Transport Law Turkey

Land Transport Law Turkey

What does Land Transport Law Include?

Land transport law regulates the standard relationship between the carried ones or belongings and the sender. The law also regulates the land passengers in various vehicles. The main concern of land transport law is the safety of all parties involved.

Issues concerning passenger transport are regulated by road passenger transport regulation, and issues concerning belonging transport are regulated by land transport law itself. Most of the regulations under the land transport law are applied according to the transport agreements.

In land transport law, both carrier and transportee have responsibilities and rights. The carrier’s responsibilities are mainly about the safety of belongings and the fact that it needs to be delivered to the given address. If the belonging gets damaged or a delay occurs in the delivery, then the carrier is responsible.

If the owner of the belongings (the ones that are being transported) is aggrieved, they have to prove that the carrier is responsible for the situation. This proving process is best done with legal support by professionals. If the process is done correctly, the owner of the belongings can get compensation.

The carriers also have rights. If the sender does not supply the belongings on the given date or hour, the carrier has all rights to terminate the contract.