Права потребителей и потребительское право в Турции

Права потребителей и потребительское право в Турции
Права потребителей и потребительское право в Турции
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The Turkish Consumer Protection Law (Law No. 6502) is a comprehensive piece of legislation that offers Turkey’s consumers strong consumer protections. Product safety, deceptive business practices, and consumer protections in the event of defective products are just a few of the many areas of law that are covered.

A consumer is defined by law as “any natural or legal person who purchases, utilizes, or benefits from goods or services for personal or household purposes.”. This definition is sufficiently inclusive to cover both private consumers and commercial consumers.

Consumer Rights:

The law forbids unfair business practices, including deceptive advertising, bait-and-switch strategies, and pyramid schemes. These actions are intended to deceive and exploit consumers. The sale of dangerous products is also forbidden by law.

Consumers have the legal right to a refund, product repair, or product replacement in the event of a product defect. Additionally, consumers are entitled to compensation for any losses they incur as a result of a product flaw.

In accordance with the law, customers have a 14-day window in which to end a contract. The “cooling-off period” is what this is known as. Consumers can use the cooling-off period to decide if they are satisfied with their purchase.

The Consumer Protection Board (Tüketici Hakem Heyetleri) and Consumer Courts (Tüketici Mahkemeleri) are responsible for enforcing Turkey’s consumer protection laws. An administrative body that deals with consumer complaints is the Consumer Protection Board. The Consumer Courts are judicial bodies that hear cases involving legal violations.

The Turkish Consumer Protection Law is a significant piece of legislation that safeguards consumers’ rights in Turkey. Consumer complaints have decreased and consumer satisfaction has risen as a result of the law.


The Turkish Consumer Protection Law also contains the following clauses in addition to the points already mentioned:

  • According to the law, businesses must give consumers information about their goods and services that is lucid and simple to understand.
  • Businesses are forbidden by law from including deceptive clauses or hidden fees in contracts they enter into with customers.
  • Consumers are entitled by law to access information about businesses, including their financial statements and complaint histories.
  • The law calls for the creation of a Consumer Ombudsman to assist consumers in resolving conflicts with businesses.
  • The law also allows for the creation of centers for consumer education that will inform customers about their rights and obligations.

Since it was passed in 2010, the Turkish Consumer Protection Law has undergone several revisions. The most recent modification was created in 2022. With the changes, the law is now stronger and better able to safeguard consumers.

For Turkish consumers, the Consumer Protection Law is an invaluable tool. The law gives customers strong protections and enables them to choose products with knowledge and we at Serka Law Firm with our experienced team provide a professional service to ensure that everything is in accordance with the law.

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