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We offer different solutions to most challenging legal issues of businesses and individuals. Although we tailor our services as per the needs of our clients and many areas of law coincide with each other, our services could be categorized under following topics:

Операции по взысканию, исполнению и конфискации долга

Generally, the companies operated abroad, apply us for the collection of the debts in which the Turkish companies and traders are debtors. Firstly, we try...

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Семейные вопросы и случаи развода

One of the most frequent services we give is divorce cases for couples which cannot not get along with have been operated by our firm...

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Company works and operations Attorney

Establishing, registration, main agreement changes, branch opening and closing and other related works. In this regard we have successfully given service to the Belarus State...

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Residence Permit, Work permit and turkey citizenship by investment

ВНЖ, разрешение на работу и гражданство Турции за инвестиции

Residence and work permit applications for the foreigners intended to stay in Turkey are made by our firm as well. They are supported directly in...

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Распоряжения о депортации и исключение

One of the well known and encountered issues at the present time in Turkey by the foreigners is; by the reason of the LAW on...

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Уголовные дела и подсудность

One of the cases which the foreigner citizens require aid from their Embassies and Consulates are; injury, theft and drug dealing cases. We give legal...

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Случаи компенсации

The cases for the compensation of damages by the reason the person was harmed or the person’s property was damaged by another person are also...

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Commercial Cases

Коммерческие дела

The most common resolution method in Turkey is determined for commercial cases in litigation. Basically, The Civil Procedural Code No.

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