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This field, which we can define as the law of maritime trade, is one of our specialties. As Serka Law Firm, we won many maritime trade cases; We have been very successful not only in litigation, but also in the preparation of relevant contracts. Maritime trade law is a very broad subject as you can imagine.

Serka Law Firm also provides services to port operators with its experienced team in maritime trade law.

Maritime Trade Law in Turkey

Issues such as cargo disputes, responsibilities of ship owners, seizure of ships are the subjects of maritime trade law. Therefore, lawyers dealing with maritime trade should follow up the ports and related units well, and should have a good command of shipping agreements. Since different legal agreements are valid in different countries, people who specialize in maritime trade law should have in-depth knowledge on this subject. In a dispute or problem arising from maritime trade, the course of the case may change in terms of the sea and the countries to which it is affiliated. For this reason, those working in the field of maritime law should be very meticulous and knowledgeable.

International Maritime Trade

Serka Law Firm also provides services to port operators with its experienced team in maritime trade law. In case of damage to vehicles and equipment in accidents that may occur in connection with the port, it may initiate legal action, and Serka Law Firm may personally revise the current contracts. Serka Law Firm has helped countless people on maritime trade law and solved their cases. Working with a professional team, Serka Law Firm resolves disputes over maritime trade with its professional team. This professional team also provides legal consultancy in paper works such as building license, operating certificate, private security permit certificate, port facility compliance certificate. If you need legal consultancy on maritime trade law, you can contact Serka Law Firm and solve your problem. You can contact Serka Law Firm for more detailed information about maritime trade law.

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