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serka law firm investment and company consultancy in turkey - why us, how do we work ?

Why us?

We at Serka Law Firm are one of the leading firms in Turkey with a wide range of experience in different law fields, having a specialist team in each section of the law ease and fasten the procedures of each case.

Our vision

The Serka Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to the practice of law that was founded by Mr. Serkan Kara. By adopting cutting-edge methods of service delivery, the firm aspires to lead the legal sector both locally and globally. We take pride in being the top provider of legal services both locally and globally, and in our constant pursuit of leadership, innovation, and continuous development.

Our History:

Serkan Kara, the firm’s founder, established SerkaLaw Firm in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2015. Since then, he has worked to grow the firm into one of the major, leading providers of legal services in Istanbul, with expertise in all areas of litigation, legal consultation, and arbitration. Since our inception, we have stood out for adhering to the highest international standards in all legal fields. We have also established ourselves as the top office in Istanbul for providing consultation services, litigation, and arbitration.

As we constantly look ahead, anticipating our clients’ needs entails more than just knowing what they need and giving them the right legal counsel, it also involves how we give that counsel. In the recent years, we have been at the forefront of companies that have fundamentally altered how law firms are managed by relying on contemporary technology rather than conventional methods. We have also introduced software packages in managing all businesses as a pro-active measure to keep up with technological advancement.


What do we do:

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

We apply our expertise, skill and experience in all parts of turkish citizenship process.

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Establishing Companies in Turkey

There are many advantages to setting up companies for foreigners in Turkey...

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Deportation Orders and Exclusion Order

After getting to Turkey for work, education, or other purposes, sometimes people might encounter deportation problems.

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International Arbitration

Companies should get a legal consultation from a professional corporate lawyer to resolve all the issues before rising.

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Maritime Trade Law and Transport Law

This field, which we can define as maritime law, is one of our areas of expertise.

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International Commercial Cases

The most common resolution method in Turkey is determined for commercial cases in litigation.

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Criminal Cases and Jurisdiction

Sometimes foreigner commits a crime in other countries which, requires jurisdiction in Turkey. There are two main two proceeding types:

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Debt Collection, Execution, and Confiscation Operations

Debt collection, execution, and confiscation operations sound overwhelming, most times.

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Family Issues and Divorce Cases

Marriage is a dream of a happy ending for all of us. However, sometimes life has other plans for us.

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