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Serka Law Firm International Legal Consultancy
We successfully operate in Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Chinese . Referenced by the most of the Consulates’ Attorney Serkan KARA is the founder attorney of the firm. We work with Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian native speaker lawyers.
Turkish Citizenship By Investment
Turkish Citizenship By Investment is a program that allows individuals to obtain Turkish citizenship by making a significant investment in the country’s economy. This program was introduced in 2017 as part of Turkey’s efforts to attract foreign direct investment and boost economic growth.
Global Citizenship By Investment
Many countries grant citizenship or residence permits to individuals if certain conditions are met. This is usually covered if an investment is made. There are many countries with such opportunities, both on the European continent and in the Americas.
Corporate and Commercial Law Consultancy
As Serka Law Firm, we have been providing legal advice for medium and large sized companies located in Turkey or trading with Turkey for over 10 years. We specialize in investment planning, establishment and legal advice for companies in Turkey, including Nuclear Power Plant. We work with native Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian lawyers.
International Investments in Turkey
TĂŒrkiye is a promising investment destination that has attracted numerous foreign investors to conduct business. As an open economy, TĂŒrkiye has implemented a series of measures to safeguard the rights of foreign investors, promote economic growth, and provide compensation guarantees in case of expropriation.
International Arbitration Law
First of all, we determine in which language and with the arbitrator, you have your dispute. if you have not appointed an arbitrator, we will request it. upon your request, we may request more than one arbitrator, including an odd number...
Establishing Companies in Turkey
There are many advantages to foreigners establishing companies in Turkey. State support for foreign investors to establish companies in Turkey continues to increase day by day. In recent years, the procedures for foreign entrepreneurs to establish companies in our country have been reduced and the processes have been made easier.
Global Legal Advice For Foreigners and Companies
We specialize in investment planning, establishment and legal advice for companies in Turkey, including Nuclear Power Plant. We work with native Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian lawyers.
International Commercial Cases
Alternative methods such as arbitration or mediation are also used in the resolution process of commercial cases in Turkey. The main legislation tool used for international arbitration is International Arbitration Code No 4686 (IAC). This code is basically based on the UNCITRAL Model Law.
Family Issues and Divorce Cases
Divorce cases have entitled a type of lawsuit carried out in the family court by applying different procedural rules than other private law cases. Legal problems that are the attachment of divorce might embody as alimony, financial and moral compensation, sharing of household items, and so forth.
Maritime Trade Law and Transport Law
This field, which we can define as maritime law, is one of our areas of expertise. As Serka Law Firm, we have won many maritime trade cases; We were successful not only in litigation, but also in the preparation of relevant contracts.
Debt Collection, Execution, and Confiscation Operations
There are two core foundations to start debt collection proceedings in Turkey: The first one is enforcement proceedings without a court judgment. The second is enforcement proceedings with a court judgment.
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Serka Law Firm | International Legal Consultancy

Serka Law Firm stands as a beacon of assurance in the pursuit of justice and comprehensive legal solutions. Our distinguished establishment is committed to addressing all your legal requirements through the expertise of our accomplished staff and seasoned lawyers. Our approach is unwaveringly centered on safeguarding the rights and interests of our esteemed clients. At Serka Law Firm, we dedicate ourselves to delivering unparalleled legal services to ensure that justice prevails and your legal needs are met with the utmost proficiency.

About The Premier International Law Firm in Istanbul

Our firm holds a prominent position among law firms in Istanbul. Situated at the heart of Istanbul, Serka Law Firm stands as a distinguished legal entity, dedicated to addressing and resolving your diverse legal requirements. Within the dynamic and intricate landscape of the city, our firm is committed to providing effective legal support through a team of experienced litigation lawyers.

In contrast to the historical and cultural wealth of Istanbul, Serka Law Firm distinguishes itself by its strategic proximity to the city’s business hubs, trade centers, and courthouses. This advantageous location empowers us to deliver prompt and efficient legal solutions to our esteemed clients.

Our firm proudly offers an extensive spectrum of legal services, approaching our clients’ needs with a solution-oriented mindset. Serka Law Firm boasts a team of expert lawyers specializing in International Commercial Law, Citizenship Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, and various other fields. Additionally, our multilingual staff, proficient in English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, and Chinese, ensures effective communication and comprehensive assistance tailored to the diverse needs of our clientele. At Serka Law Firm, we are committed to navigating the complexities of the legal landscape with precision and diligence, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of those we serve.

Our Journey: From a Turkish Law Firm to a Global Legal Power

Our law firm distinguishes itself from other international law firms. Our international law firm and its esteemed legal professionals serve as a catalyst for enrichment and advancement, not only within the realm of law but also in fostering intercultural interactions to align with the dynamic pace of global development.

Initiating its legal journey in the heart of Turkey, Serka Law Firm has transcended geographical boundaries to establish a presence on the global stage. This expansion is facilitated by our team of expert lawyers and a distinctive approach that combines local insight with a global perspective. Rooted in an appreciation of the historical fabric of our city, our firm has evolved from providing localized solutions to meeting escalating demands and ensuring client satisfaction.

Serka Law Firm boldly undertakes cases that resonate not only within the borders of Turkey but also on the international legal stage. With a focus on specialized areas such as Corporate Law, Commercial Law, International Agreements, and dispute resolution, our firm delivers robust legal representation. This is made possible through the collaboration of our dedicated lawyers and strategic alliances with legal partners worldwide. Serka Law Firm is steadfast in its commitment to shaping legal solutions that transcend borders and meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele, both nationally and internationally.

Why Should You Choose Serka Law? Your Business Lawyer and Legal Consultant in Turkey

Navigating intricate legal processes is crucial, and Serka Law Firm excels in providing effective solutions for individuals, businesses, and institutions. Our expert lawyers, each specialized and seasoned, form the backbone of our ability to deliver optimal legal outcomes. Regardless of the issue, we prioritize collaboration to ensure you receive the best service tailored to your needs. Choose Serka Law Firm for a partnership built on expertise and a commitment to delivering top-tier legal solutions. Our lawyer in turkey collaborates with numerous corporate lawyers and business lawyers to effectively address and resolve clients’ cases.

Our Worldwide Legal Referenes

In the era of globalization, the significance of legal regulations worldwide has escalated. International dynamics such as trade, communication, and human mobility underscore the importance of legal frameworks. Globally recognized references, exemplified by Serka Law Firm, play a pivotal role in regulating inter-country relations and addressing global challenges.

Clients and Collaborations: Globally Trusted Istanbul Law Firm

As the business world undergoes rapid globalization, legal needs evolve accordingly. The imperative is to identify a universally reliable law firm capable of comprehending clients’ requirements and delivering effective solutions. This is where a law firm positioned at the nexus of clients and collaborations becomes indispensable.

A globally trusted law firm distinguishes itself through robust client relationships. Serka Law Firm is renowned for understanding clients’ needs, navigating the intricacies of the business world, and providing swift and effective solutions to unforeseen legal challenges. Beyond legal consultancy, we at Serka Law Firm foster strategic partnerships to support our clients’ success in the global business landscape.

Contact Our Expert Attorneys

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  • CIEL & CO Law Firm, Founding Attorney Juris Gulbis
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Law Practice Areas

Companies should get a legal consultation from a professional corporate lawyer to resolve all the issues before rising.
Explore the complexities of family issues and divorce cases with our comprehensive guide. Gain insights and expert advice to navigate these challenging situations.
Learn the intricacies of Maritime Trade Law and Transport Law, delving into the legal aspects of international shipping and trade.
Get expert legal representation for international commercial litigation cases. Our team specializes in resolving complex disputes efficiently.
Learn about the advantages of setting up businesses in Turkey with our professional assistance. Simplify the procedure and grow your company in a prosperous market.
Expert debt collection, execution, and confiscation operations for efficient resolution. Trust our professional services.
Learn about criminal cases and jurisdiction law in Turkey. Understand the legal framework and procedures in under 120 characters.
Acquire knowledge on deportation and exclusion orders in Turkey, and comprehend the legal consequences and processes entailed.


Serka Law Firm is dedicated to providing international services to cater to the expanding and varied legal needs of our clients. Leveraging our firm’s expertise in international law, we are well-positioned to offer effective assistance across areas such as international contracts, commercial law, foreign investments, and international arbitration.

To facilitate seamless collaboration with our foreign clients in Turkey and other countries, we prioritize establishing robust communication channels. This is made possible through the linguistic proficiency of our lawyers and staff in Turkish, English, Russian, Persian, Chinese, and Arabic. This commitment to multilingual proficiency ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and effective legal support tailored to their specific requirements and jurisdictions.

Our lawyer firm serves clients in Turkish, English, Russian, Persian, Chinese, and Arabic, ensuring effective communication and tailored support.

Our corporate lawyers are bilingual, ensuring effective communication and comprehensive support for our clients.

Serka Law Firm also serves as a legal advisor, providing legal consulting to clients regarding their cases. Serka Law Firm offers a wide-ranging portfolio of legal consultancy services, delivered by our specialized lawyers, tailored to the unique industries, demands, and requirements of our clients. This encompasses expertise in company establishment and operational processes under Corporate and Commercial Law, the preparation and interpretation of commercial contracts, facilitation of company mergers and acquisitions, compliance with customs and import/export regulations, resolution of commercial disputes, and guidance on share issuance and other financial transactions.

Serka Law Firm offers specialized legal services, including consultancy on employment contracts, workers’ rights, and representation in labor courts under Labor Law; support in trademark, patent, and registration applications, as well as handling Intellectual Property Rights infringement cases, License agreements, and registration processes within Intellectual Property Law; expertise in property rights, title deed transactions, rental agreements, real estate purchase-sale transactions, and zoning and planning law under Real Estate Law; defense, complaint management, investigative processes, and court representation in Criminal Law; comprehensive assistance in divorce, separation, custody, alimony cases, adoption, and inheritance law under Family Law; and insightful guidance on international conventions, agreements, foreign investments, international arbitration, diplomatic and consular services, and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through investment and alternative means within International Law.

Serka Law Firm also is a legal advisor that do consulattƟon to clients via their cases.

Our lawyers consistently update their legal knowledge within their areas of specialization and regularly review precedent high court decisions. They demonstrate strong analytical abilities, effectively evaluating legal documents and evidence, and possess clear and effective communication skills with our clients.

Through effective communication with clients, the court, and other parties, our legal professionals diligently work to resolve legal problems through lawful means. Our lawyers, fully cognizant of their responsibilities towards our clients, execute their duties in the best possible manner within the framework of ethical principles and laws.

Certainly, Serka Law Firm extends assistance to clients seeking Turkish citizenship and residency. We provide comprehensive consultancy, assist in obtaining necessary documents, guide through the application process, and diligently follow up on the progress of the citizenship acquisition process.

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