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corporate and commercial lawyer in turkey

International Corporate & Commercial Law

At Serka Law, our esteemed team of legal experts provides comprehensive guidance and support for various international corporate and commercial law matters in Turkey.

turkish passport

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

To obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, seeking advice from a specialized law firm is important. Serka Law has guided hundreds of clients on citizenship.

turkish investment lawyer

Investment Consultancy in Turkey

Serka Law Firm provides comprehensive guidance to clients looking for investment opportunities in Turkey. Property Investment, Company Formation, and Bank investment

Law Practice Areas

International Arbitration
Companies should get a legal consultation from a professional corporate lawyer to resolve all the issues before rising.
Family Issues and Divorce Cases
Explore the complexities of family issues and divorce cases with our comprehensive guide. Gain insights and expert advice to navigate these challenging situations.
Maritime and Land Transport Law
Learn the intricacies of Maritime Trade Law and Transport Law, delving into the legal aspects of international shipping and trade.
International Commercial Litigation
Get expert legal representation for international commercial litigation cases. Our team specializes in resolving complex disputes efficiently.
Establishing Companies in Turkey
Learn about the advantages of setting up businesses in Turkey with our professional assistance. Simplify the procedure and grow your company in a prosperous market.
Debt Collection, Execution, and Confiscation Operations
Expert debt collection, execution, and confiscation operations for efficient resolution. Trust our professional services.
Criminal Cases and Jurisdiction
Learn about criminal cases and jurisdiction law in Turkey. Understand the legal framework and procedures in under 120 characters.
Deportation Orders and Exclusion Order
Acquire knowledge on deportation and exclusion orders in Turkey, and comprehend the legal consequences and processes entailed.
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