International Arbitration and Arbitration Agreement

International arbitration exists in cities such as Singapore, London, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Nairobi, and Mumbai, as well as in 3 different centers in Istanbul, which has telecommunication and physical conditions.

There are 3 different arbitration centers in Turkey: the Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC), the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Center (ISTOTAM), and the Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC). You can decide which arbitration center to choose with our lawyers who are competent in arbitration.

The most important material to be in international arbitration is telecommunication and Turkey is one of the most developed countries in this field.

Arbitration is divided into two mandatory and optional. in voluntary arbitration; When a dispute arises, the parties may specify in their contracts to apply to the arbitrator they choose among themselves for the resolution of this dispute. In this case, the selected arbitrator examines and decides the dispute between the parties, just like a court.

In compulsory arbitration, the law determines in which cases an arbitrator should be applied. In this case, if your dispute is subject to compulsory arbitration, the parties cannot file a lawsuit in the courts and must apply to arbitrators. If a product you bought in Turkey turns out to be defective or damaged, you should go to the Consumer Arbitration Committee. Consumer Arbitration Committees are considered an example of compulsory arbitration.

Advantages of choosing international arbitration:

  • International arbitration is independent. this way, you will not be judged by the laws of the country where it was made. You will be judged according to the laws and language that you have previously determined in the contract.

If you work with a qualified lawyer for the arbitration agreement, your lawyer will add your rights well to the agreement and your requests will be much better met. It should not be forgotten that if you get a competent consultancy at the beginning, the whole process will pass easily without tiring you.

  • It is more flexible than state courts. You can play a more active role in resolving your conflict.

In this way, the conflict can be handled in a much more detailed way and clarified much better.

  • Judgments take much less time. An arbitrator specially selected for you does not work with a busy schedule like state courts. A dispute that will last for 3-4 years can be resolved in 3-6 months.
  • international arbitration proceedings are confidential. In this way, no news can be made about you or your company about your disputes that will not be open to the public, your trade secrets are protected and your reputation will not be damaged.
  • The parties may choose their arbitrators. In this way, no matter how difficult or specific your dispute is, your dispute will be settled fairly thanks to expert arbitrators in their fields.
  • You have the opportunity to judge by the law or language of the country you have chosen.
  • arbitration costs can be much lower than traditional courts.

Serka Law, which provides services not only in international but also in domestic arbitration cases, has the competencies to serve you with its professional team.

In addition to all these, SERKALAW is a well-equipped law office with English-speaking experts and international arbitration experience. From the preparation of the arbitration agreement to the arbitration, we can carry out business together with our lawyers who are experts in their fields, avoiding the disadvantages of arbitration proceedings.

What is International Arbitration?

First of all, we determine in which language and with the arbitrator, you have your dispute. if you have not appointed an arbitrator, we will request it. upon your request, we may request more than one arbitrator, including an odd number.

After determining the arbitrator, we request a lawsuit. When our request for a lawsuit reaches the other party, our lawsuit is deemed to have been opened.

then we send our petition with more than one condition to the arbitral tribunal and this is called a petition.

if the defendant is the respondent, he sends his petition to the arbitral tribunal, and in the reply petition, the defendant responds to our claims.

The arbitral tribunal concludes the file by examining the file or holding a hearing.

Each of these steps is detailed and time-consuming work that can be done by experts in the field. If you work with someone who is not competent, you have a very high chance of losing the case even if you are right in the whole process. Arbitration is a much more detailed and difficult field as it is a newer field than traditional courts.

As serkalaw, we will strive to conclude your case most profitably and fairly, if we stand by you every step of the way.

Did you know that?

In international arbitration, you can choose a single arbitrator or you can choose more than one arbitrator. and if you have chosen more than one arbitrator, the decision is made by a majority vote.

If you prepare the arbitration agreement with us, we can decide together which situation is right for you.

If we have doubts about the arbitrator we have chosen during this process, we have the opportunity to reject the arbitrator.


The subject of International Arbitration, like every field of law, is subtle and detailed. for this reason, working with consultants who are not competent in their field will put you at a disadvantage and it may become much more difficult to get out of the job.

In order not to encounter such situations, you can work with our expert staff and in this way, we can easily get rid of the problems we foresee.

A good arbitrator in international arbitration:

  • The arbitrator must be impartial and independent.
  • Must have full knowledge of the dispute
  • Must have significant experience
  • Must be fluent in the language you have chosen
  • Must be knowledgeable about the law
  • Should know the arbitration rules
  • Must have technical knowledge
  • Should have enough time to consider the case

What Can We Do For You As Arbitration Lawyers In Our Staff?

  • We can prepare an arbitration agreement with you. Preparing an arbitration agreement is the first step in arbitration proceedings, and taking the first step is the most important thing to do the right way.

We can pursue your international arbitration cases for you. In this process, we will be in touch with you at every step and you will work with the expert at every step.

Together we can decide on the most appropriate dispute resolution for your dispute.

We can handle your legal affairs and give reports in every process until your cases are concluded.

International Arbitration Advice Turkey and Worldwide

  • Since international arbitration is a very deep subject, people who work in this field and provide legal services should be knowledgeable and competent. Regardless of the sector of the brand operating abroad, it can access these legal services when necessary. During the legal service, the clients are informed about every issue, and solutions are offered.

Serka Law, which provides services not only in international but also in domestic arbitration cases, is ready to serve you with its professional team. A well-versed and experienced team awaits you to resolve your arbitration cases. The people in this field must have a developed foreign language and be experienced. Because foreign language and experience in the international platform is the golden secret of the won case. Serka Law is waiting to give you legal advice on international arbitration with its successful team. During the legal consultancy, the clients are informed in detail and it is ensured that they have a good command of the subject. Every process that works must be mentioned to the client.

If you would like to receive legal advice on international arbitration, you can contact us and visit our office after making an appointment. By providing legal advice, we can be a partner in your cases or problems, and we can solve many problems. As Serka Law, we are at work. We have been serving in the field of international arbitration for many years with our professional team. There are many cases that we have won by being fully equipped and many issues that we have reached settlements for. For more detailed information, you can contact Serka Law.