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International arbitration offers all legal services that brands operating abroad may need in matters such as logistics, production and sales. These legal services include issues such as alternative dispute resolution, filing and follow-up of international commercial and investment arbitration cases, and preparation of international commercial arbitration conditions.

Serka Law, which provides services not only in international but also in domestic arbitration cases, is ready to serve you with its professional team

International Arbitration Advice Turkey and Worldwide

Since international arbitration is a very deep subject, people who works in this field and provides legal services should be knowledgeable and competent. Regardless of the sector of the brand operating abroad, it can access these legal services when necessary. During the legal service, the clients are informed about every issue and solutions are offered.

Serka Law, which provides services not only in international but also in domestic arbitration cases, is ready to serve you with its professional team. A well-versed and experienced team awaits you to resolve your arbitration cases. It is very important that the people in this field have a developed foreign language and be experienced. Because foreign language and experience in the international platform is the golden secret of the won case. Serka Law is waiting to give you legal advice on international arbitration with its successful team. During the legal consultancy, the clients are informed in detail and it is ensured that they have a good command of the subject. Each and every process that works must be mentioned to the client.

If you would like to receive legal advice on international arbitration, you can contact us and visit our office after making an appointment. By providing legal advice, we can be a partner in your cases or problems, and we can solve many problems. As Serka Law, we are at work. We have been serving in the field of international arbitration for many years with our professional team. There are many cases that we have won by being fully equipped and many issues that we have reached settlements. For more detailed information, you can contact Serka Law.

What should you question to find the ideal Lawyer?

At a minimum, you'll want to know about the lawyer's expertise and whether the lawyer is a veteran or beginner attorney, for instance. Your legal issue may very well be handled by someone who is fresh out of law school, (or not). It all depends.
You'll also want to know about a lawyer's expertise and how much of the attorney's practice is devoted to topic area your legal issue falls within. For example, if you need help with an adoption case, you may wish to seek a family law lawyer who has worked on, well, adoption cases. Click here for a full list of practice area definitions.
Now is not the time to act shy. Feel free to ask about the attorney's track record, such as the number of cases won or settled, for example.
Communication is key when working with a lawyer. Ask the lawyer how often and under what circumstances you will hear from him or her. You'll want to know how your case is coming along and about other important dates.
This step is obviously an important one. You'll want to know whether you can afford the lawyer's services and how you will be required to pay. This is also the time to ask about payment options and how often, and under what circumstances, you will be billed.

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