Av. Serkan KARA

Av. Serkan KARA

Founder & International Litigation Lawyer


Serkan KARA is the founder of Turkey-based Serka Law Firm, which actively practices trial and civil cases in international and local courts around the world.

He specializes in major International corporate litigation, company formation and citizenship by investment.

Lawyer Serkan KARA graduated from Uludag University Faculty of Law, received his CUSL (Certificate of United States Law) Certificate by studying at University of Cologne between 2012-2013.

He established Serka Law Firm in 2016 and has provided many references in investment and citizenship law, international law, many Consulates and foreign clients.

As the vice president of T├ťSODER, he also provides works on Consumer Law. He has advanced C-2 level English and has an entry-level knowledge of Russian and German.

av. serkan kara
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