Citizenship By Investment in Turkey, Advantages?

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Citizenship By Investment in Turkey, Advantages?
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Invest in Turkey – Get the Benefits of Citizenship Through Investment

One of the advantages of Turkish  citizenship is that you  can easily travel to countries without a visa. Turkish citizens can enter other countries with which the government has agreed without a visa, only with their passport. However, without the need for a visa, you can enter the Turkish Republic  of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine with your identity document.

Countries  where you  can enter with a General Turkish Passport without the need  for a visa:

Turkish citizens can enter about 64 countries with their Turkish passports without being subject to a visa. Different countries such  as Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Morocco, Georgia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Maldives, Thailand, Ukraine, Jordan, Kosovo, Qatar, Costa Rica are just some  of the countries located in the geographies. You can check  the website below to learn about all the countries where Turkish citizens can go visa-free.

Countries where you can enter only with an identity document without the need for a visa:

  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean, does not require a passport for Turkish citizens to enter. It is possible to stay in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with an identity document for up to 30 days without the need for a visa.

  • Georgia

Georgia is in the north of the country and can be reached by road. Georgia allows Turkish citizens to enter visa-free for up to 1 year.

  • Azerbaijan

It is possible to travel to Azerbaijan, whose visa application with Turkey has been abolished since 2020, without obtaining a visa or showing a passport, only with your identity document. Subject to this visa exemption, citizens of both countries can enter and exit without a passport, provided that it does not exceed 90 days. In cases exceeding 90 days, a residence permit application is obligatory.

  • Moldova

Moldova, where Turkish citizens can travel without a visa with an identity card, allows you to enter the country by taking advantage of the visa exemption for your travels not exceeding 90 days. If you have a travel plan that will exceed 90 days, you may need to obtain a Moldovan visa depending on the type of passport you have.

  • Ukraine

According to the agreement between the Republic of Turkey and Ukraine, Turkish citizens can travel to Ukraine without a visa with their ID Cards. Within this framework, the stay period of Turkish citizens traveling in Ukraine should not exceed 90 days in total within the last 180 days.

Citizenship By Investment in Turkey

There are various methods to become a Turkish citizen. These various methods are available on the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. ( )

  • by birth
  • By Place of Birth
  • Subsequent Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship
  • By Adoption
  • K.K.T.C. Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Citizens
  • Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship with the Right to Choose
  • Exceptionally Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship
  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship as an Immigrant
  • Re-acquiring Turkish Citizenship Without Requirement of Residence
  • Re-acquiring Turkish Citizenship Based on Residence Conditions
  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth

Turkish citizenship acquired by birth is automatically acquired by paternity. The child becomes a Turkish citizen, just like the mother or father to whom he is bound at birth. It is sufficient for one of the parents to be a Turkish citizen.

After completing the age of 18, it is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship as a result of the examination made by the Ministry, if the mother or father is a Turkish citizen who was born abroad and was born in Turkey.

Conditions for later acquisition of Turkish citizenship

The conditions for the subsequent acquisition of Turkish citizenship are specified in the Turkish Civil Code.

According to this, the person must be able to distinguish and be mature, have resided in Turkey uninterruptedly for 5 years from the date of application, not have a disease that poses a danger in terms of general health, speak Turkish enough to adapt to social life, have a profession or income that can make a living must have.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Foreign citizens, who will not be an obstacle in terms of national security and maintaining public order, acquire Turkish citizenship with one of the conditions listed below.

Procedures to be Taken for the Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship:

  •  Foreigners who make a fixed capital investment of at least 500,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency
  •  Foreigners who have an annotation to own a real estate worth at least 400.00 USD or equivalent in foreign currency and not to be sold for 3 years in the title deed records
  •  Foreigners who create employment for at least 50 people and receive a certificate from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  •  Foreigners who purchase government debt instruments of at least 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency, provided that they are kept for 3 years, and have them determined by the  Ministry of Treasury and Finance.
  •  Foreigners who purchase real estate investment fund participation shares or venture capital investment fund participation shares of at least 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency, on the condition that they hold at least 3 years and have it determined by the Capital Markets Board, are entitled to become Turkish citizens with the permission of the Presidency.

In addition to all these, a foreign citizen who fulfills one of these investment conditions is also subject to the general provisions. General provisions, on the other hand, are conditions such as compliance with general morality and not posing a problem in terms of national security. With the general provisions, a foreigner who makes an investment is entitled to Turkish citizenship with the permission of the President.

Documents required to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment:

  •  Application form for whichever application method will be preferred
  • Identity document issued by their own country to the citizen
  • If the foreigner is married, the spouse’s identity document, if the foreigner has children under the age of 18, the identity document of these children
  • Documents proving family ties with family members (such as birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • Passport photos of family members
  • Birth certificate
  • If the applicant is divorced, the official document pertaining to it
  • Residence document or tourist visa issued to a foreign person
  • If the applicant’s relatives or spouse are Turkish citizens, identity documents and residence information of these people are required.

Turkey Residential Real Estate Investment List

–     Foreigners who have an annotation to own real estate worth at least 400.00 USD or equivalent in foreign currency and not to be sold for 3 years in the title deed records can become Turkish citizens. Therefore, the real estate you choose is very important.

Thanks to the real estates on this site, you can easily make your purchases. (  )

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