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Corporate Legal Counselling in Turkey
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Corporate Legal Counselling in Turkey | Expert Solutions

Corporate law is one of the sub-laws of commercial law that regulates how companies should be established, mergered, divisioned, transferred, transformed and liquidated. Corporate legal consultancy services to companies are provided by expert lawyers within Serka Law Office which is the one of the best corporate law firms in Turkey, are competent in the relevant branches of law, especially in corporate law. Corporate legal counselling in Turkey provides regulatory and preventive legal supports to companies and provides services in line with the legal benefits of companies.

Commercial Law in Turkey

Although there is no term such as ‘corporate lawyer’ in the legislation and doctrine, these definitions have settled into the legal language from the lawyers who provide legal consultancy to companies are named as corporate lawyers. Corporate lawyers provide legal advice under corporate law. Corporate law, which is quite voluminous and comprehensive; is also closely related to commercial law, law of obligations, business law and taxation law. In this respect, it will be the right approach to have a competent, experienced and expert lawyer who will provide legal consultancy services.

There are five different types of companies in Turkey namely Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Collective Company, Commandite Company and Cooperative Company. With the corporate legal consultancy service provided to companies, it is ensured that possible problems to be experienced in the future are prevented by taking preventive measures along with the resolution of the company’s current lawsuits and disputes.

Trade and Investment in Turkey

Trade and Investment in Turkey
Trade and Investment in Turkey

Turkey, which is in a strategic position in many areas of world trade, has become a country preferred by foreign investors with its practices that facilitate the activities of foreign capital in the country. Foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey can benefit from the same rights granted to Turkish citizens on the basis of the provisions of the Foreign Direct Investment Law No. 4875. Current implementations encourage foreign investors as well as Turkish investors to establish a company in Turkey.

Scope of Corporate Legal Consultancy to Companies

Within the scope of the legal consultancy given to the companies; it is ensured that the necessary contracts are prepared in accordance with the law during the establishment of the company, the company’s activities are not against the law, the liquidation process of the company is managed and all controls and regulations are made. Thereby, the economic activities of the companies are ensured to progress smoothly and possible loss of rights is prevented.

Here are the some of legal services provided to companies within preventive legal consultancy services :

  1. Preparing and informing of all kinds of contracts (establishment contracts, partnership contracts, bargain and sale contracts, franchising contracts, agency contracts, license contracts, contractorship contracts, consultancy and service contracts and other commercial contracts),
  2. Informing companies on issues such as mergers and acquisitions, capital increases and reductions, public offerings, informing companies about general assembly and board meetings, providing necessary documents,
  3. Informing the client about the new codes and regulations, changes in commercial practices and their possible effects on the client,
  4. Providing oral and written advice on legal matters,
  5. Determining and taking necessary measures to prevent or reduce legal risks,
  6. Reviewing business relations in line with the existing contracts of companies with their employees.

Instant Legal Consultancy Service

Within the scope of instant legal consultancy service, it is aimed to provide fast and useful legal assistance to clients in unexpected situations that companies may experience or legal problems they may encounter in daily operations. At this point, it is possible to intervene quickly and effectively by attending the meetings in line with the client’s request and witnessing the process one-to-one. In addition, instant legal consultancy service in the functioning of daily commercial life prevents legal wrongdoings of business or transaction, provides fast and effective intervention in problems with customers or business partners, and aims to minimize problems that may arise in the future.

Why Should You Consider Having Legal Consultancy Services?

In our daily lives, individuals, companies and institutions may encounter legal problems for various reasons. Failure to provide timely and correct solutions to these problems leads to bigger problems in the future. Therefore, in case of a legal problem, it is very important to find an effective and correct solution and to work with the right lawyer. Because lawyers help their clients to make the right decision by showing how to solve the legal problem, alternative ways, positive and negative aspects of each in order to make the right decision.

With preventive consultancy services, legal problems that companies may experience are tried to be prevented before they arise. In addition, it is ensured that all kinds of precautions are taken against the possibility of a problem and if the foreseen problem occurs, it is ensured that the companies solve the problem with the least damage.

Statistics have shown that preventive counseling service greatly reduces future disputes. In this way, the dispute is prevented from turning into a lawsuit unless there is an obligation, and it saves people from unnecessary and heavy litigation costs.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to get legal consultancy services from lawyers in order to prepare a solid legal ground for the establishment and subsequent process of the company and to solve the problems related to legal issues.

Contact Us for Corporate Legal Advisory Service to Companies

Serka Law Firm, which is the one of international commercial law firms in Istanbul/Turkey, provides corporate legal consultancy services to individuals and companies in Istanbul. Our professional lawyers are with our clients in the process of fulfilling corporate law transactions, establishing a healthy legal infrastructure for companies, providing legal support in company establishment, decision making and implementation processes.

As Serka Law Firm, our basic approach is carrying out legal services in a strategic, fast, effective, solution and result-based manner. We have full confidence that making a difference in your company’s legal affairs with our office with more than 10 years of legal and business experience with our experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers, as well as our cooperation with distinguished institutions that we can easily reach.

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