How to Migrate Live & Work in Türkiye?

Serka Law Firm Investment And Company Consultancy in Turkey - How to Migrate Live & Work in Türkiye?
How to Migrate Live & Work in Türkiye?
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Moving to Turkey? Here’s How to Migrate and Work in Türkiye

Türkiye has become one of the world’s most attraction places for foreigners across the world to live, with its rich and deep culture and warm hospitality a lot of tourists during their visit intends to extend or move to Türkiye to live but many new residence do not know the procedures and the accurate steps to take prior coming to Türkiye and in this article we are going to talk about the most important points that every potential residence need to do when they arrive to Türkiye.

Türkiye can be a very attractive spot to establish a business with it’s massive market and strong market it is very competitive but not hard to start a business in, most of the foreigners moving to Türkiye establish their business to make a living and this is the part where lawyers come in, if you are willing to establish a business within Türkiye it is always recommended to consult a lawyer prior any step or decision to make.

Establishing a company can reflect in various benefits for the investor where they can obtain a residence permit based on their work, and this is the first thing all newcomers to Türkiye should be aware.


 Having a legal residence in Türkiye is one of the most important documents any newcomer should do, there are different types of residence permit starting from:

  • Temporary residence permit
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Investor residence permit
  • Student residence permit

  it is highly recommended to contact a lawyer to get the advice on which type of residence permit is suitable in your case since getting a rejection on a wrong residence permit can cause a decision of deportation from the Turkish authorities to your home country.

You can apply for a long-term residence permit and eventually become a permanent resident if you’ve had a residence permit and have lived in Türkiye for at least eight years straight. The long-term residence permit has an unlimited validity period.

serka law firm investment and company consultancy in turkey - how to migrate live & work in türkiye?

Living Costs:

  A lot of people do not know the costs and assume that living in Türkiye is as expensive as Europe, that is a false thought where Türkiye is much cheaper to live with more options than Europe, Türkiye’s racing time and getting developed in a very quick way.

A small comparison regarding the living costs in Türkiye and the United States, Türkiye is 60% less cheap to live in from the educational sector, health and lifestyle and Türkiye has an excellent healthcare system. For many years, the country has worked on transforming the healthcare system, making it more accessible and of great quality. As a result, Türkiye is now known as a tourist medical destination and it’s whether due to its location and size Türkiye has many climatic regions. You can also enjoy the four seasons. Nevertheless, the winters are mild, and if you are someone that seeks sun whenever you can, Türkiye might be the best place for you.


 One of the main complaints of foreigners who move to Türkiye is their lack of Turkish language skills. You must know at least the fundamentals if you want to conduct any official business or work there. Turkish is preferred by the locals as well however, learning Turkish Language is not difficult at all where there are plenty of tutors whether online or in institutes that teaches the language for foreigners as well as Türkiye is well known for its warm people and welcoming ways. They enjoy sharing their food and culture with visitors from other countries and are willing to assist when necessary. Additionally, there are lots of expat hubs and you can easily make friends which helps to gain the language very quickly and easy.


 As mentioned earlier Türkiye has a huge location and massive cities but the most loved cities for foreigners to live in are:

  • Istanbul.
  • Ankara.
  • Izmir.
  • Bodrum.
  • Antalya
  • Alanya

There are more places to live in but since these cities have a good number of foreigners living these cities are more preferable.

serka law firm investment and company consultancy in turkey - how to migrate live & work in türkiye?

Immigration by Investment:

  You can get real estate for yourself and your family by buying a property of value (at least $75,000 in big cities and $50,000 in small cities). Of course, you should keep in mind that property prices in Türkiye vary from city to city. When buying these properties if the property is above 75 thousand dollars you will be eligible to obtain a residence permit as an investor and if you decide to increase your investment amount up to 400,000 thousand dollars you are able to get the Turkish Citizenship within few months of legal process, in these situations we always advice our clients to have an expert lawyer to handle all the legal procedures in order to obtain the citizenship without any difficulties.

Immigration by work:

If you intend to immigrate to Türkiye this way, you must first agree with a Turkish employer to allow you to work in Türkiye. In general, to get your work visa, you must go to the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country with documents and an invitation from the business owner.

Conditions for obtaining a work permit in Türkiye:

  1. Obtaining a residence permit for tourist destinations with a validity period of at least one month is mandatory.
  2. The company must hire five Turkish citizens for each foreign employee, except for the owner of the company.
  3. The capital of the company must be at least 100,000 Turkish Liras.
  4. The company must pay all relevant taxes.
  5. The company must be committed to pay all social insurances

In conclusion if you want to migrate and live in Türkiye, follow these key steps:

  1. Obtain a legal residence permit suitable for your situation, with the help of our experienced lawyers.
  2. Türkiye offers affordable living costs, excellent healthcare, and diverse climates.
  3. Learn the basics of the Turkish language for better integration.
  4. Consider popular cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya, and Alanya.
  5. Explore immigration options through real estate investment or securing employment with a Turkish employer.
  6. Consult an expert lawyer to navigate the legal procedures smoothly.


By following these steps, you can enjoy Türkiye’s rich culture, affordable lifestyle, and various opportunities.

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