Role of lawyers in acquiring a citizenship

Role of lawyers in acquiring a citizenship
Role of lawyers in acquiring a citizenship
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Turkish Citizenship: Role & Requirements of a Lawyer

Lawyers are considered as the hidden solider behind everyone’s work, they protect your rights and assure that you are in the safe side. Having a lawyer in different aspects of work is always recommended and in cases such as acquiring a citizenship in a foreign country such as Turkey it is always recommended to have a lawyer handling your legal procedures.

In this article we are going to discuss all the reasons and roles on why it is recommended to have a lawyer handling your citizenship procedures than doing it by yourself.

When buying an apartment in Turkey a lot of investors do not know the exact procedures to follow in order to obtain their citizenship moreover; if they decide to proceed solely, they reach to a certain procedure where they are unable to finish and obtain the citizenship. Below we will go through the procedures that a lawyer takes in order to assure that all the requirements are obtained in accordance with the law, starting from:

Checking your background and qualifications:

After checking your documents and records, the Immigration and citizenship lawyer will suggest you the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkish immigration laws can be complex and difficult for this reason, and in cooperation with an experienced lawyer, you can make sure that your citizenship application is completed correctly and in accordance with Turkish laws.

Document preparation and error reduction:

An incomplete or inaccurate citizenship application may result in a delay or rejection of citizenship. An experienced lawyer is familiar with all the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship. The duty of a lawyer is to complete the client’s documents and eliminate the existing shortcomings. This reduces the risk of delay or rejection and helps speed up the process.

Legal actions in case of unforeseeable issues:

If legal procedures such as appeal or administrative review are required to obtain Turkish citizenship, a citizenship lawyer can defend you and help in protecting your rights. Also, by receiving legal advice, you can be aware of your rights and obligations. The lawyer will provide you with the necessary information before and after each process. It can also provide you with sufficient information about cultural, social, political, labor and educational affairs in the destination country.

Get multilingual support:

Although english is an international language for foreigners, Turkish is the official language used in the Turkish offices. A lawyer who is fluent in English provides a clear connection between the client who is not a Turkish citizen or does not have sufficient level of the Turkish language. The importance of understanding every detail, no matter how small, in the legal matters cannot be overestimated. Misunderstanding can lead to expensive mistakes and possible serious legal consequences.

The possibility of amendments to the Laws and the complexity of its procedures:

What was once a simple administrative procedure is now very complicated for migrants wishing to emigrate and obtain the Turkish citizenship. The lawyer is familiar with all laws and regulations related to citizenship, and if the law changes, he will guide you with his legal knowledge.

Advantages of citizenship and Immigration Lawyers:

A good lawyer is familiar with all the economic, political and immigration conditions of the country.

He is aware and capable of all the ways for the Immigration and obtaining citizenship.

Knowing all the administrative procedures and immigration procedures assist him in following the procedures in obtaining citizenship.

It’s easy to make mistakes without the help of a lawyer. The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship is full of complexity and obstacles that, if mismanaged, can cause delays and even rejection of your application. Here in Serka law firm we guide you in the process of obtaining citizenship with our qualified lawyers that can support and assist you in verity of languages such as English, Turkish, Persian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.


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