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Energy Law
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Energy law is one of the branches of law. With the rapid development of industry and technology, the need for and importance of energy has increased more than ever before. Energy laws regulate energy use and tax renewable and non-renewable energy. These laws include legal regulations relating to the exploration, extraction, processing, distribution and supply of energy resources.

Although energy law emerged in the twentieth century, its importance has increased with the development of technology. Following rapid developments in industry and technology, energy has become the most important issue of our time. Countries that once fought for land and gold are now defined by their energy strategies because energy is very important to countries. The decline in energy resources and rapid consumption of existing energy resources has created the need to establish laws between countries.

Energy law generally covers areas related to the markets for electricity, nuclear energy, natural gas, oil, liquefied natural gas and renewables.

The Energy Law ensures that companies operating in the energy sector operate within the framework of legal regulations and standards. This means that energy companies must obtain the necessary permits to extract, process, transport and distribute energy resources and comply with legal requirements on issues such as environment, safety and health.

The Energy Law also regulates contracts between energy suppliers and consumers. These contracts define obligations and rights between parties and provide a legal framework for resolving business disputes.


What are the subsections of energy law?

  • The law on the use of renewable energy sources to produce electrical energy.
  • Law on the establishment and operation of nuclear power plants and the sale of energy.
  • Law of geothermal resources and natural mineral waters.
  • Natural Gas Market Law.
  • Oil Market Law.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market Law.


The relationship of energy law to other legal laws

Saving energy is a public activity. For this reason, it is an area in which not only private law regulations are applied, but also areas of public law such as administrative law and competition law. Regulatory bodies such as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority also guide this sector. From this standpoint, it becomes clear that energy law has different and more dispersed legislation than other branches of law.

There is a relationship between energy law and environmental law. The production and use of energy results in environmental impacts. The use of fossil fuels increases greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. The purpose of the relationship between energy law and environmental law is to produce energy in a way that causes minimal harm to the environment. The government is obligated to ensure the basic goal of “sustainable development” on the one hand and “environmental protection” on the other hand, which can only be achieved by using renewable energy sources. The Energy Law also establishes regulations to ensure environmental sustainability and encourage the efficient use of energy resources.

Serka Law Firm services in the field of energy law:

  • Preparing contracts related to energy law.
  • Providing legal consulting services to energy companies.
  • Obtaining permits related to the energy market.
  • Preparing turbine and installation contracts.
  • Providing legal consulting services in the field of environmental law, constitutional law, and international law.
  • Providing legal consulting services in the field of investment in energy companies.
  • Participation in relevant lawsuits.

Serka Law Firm provides various legal services in the field of energy law and related laws. Our lawyers provide legal consultations to various companies in this field. We cooperate with power plants, including nuclear power plants. For more information in this area, you can contact our lawyers.

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